Open Source Projects


Terminal over HTTP and HTTPS. Wetty is an alternative to ajaxterm/anyterm but much better than them because wetty uses ChromeOS’ terminal emulator (hterm) which is a full fledged implementation of terminal emulation written entirely in Javascript. Also it uses websockets instead of Ajax and hence better response time.


community-platform  - Zen is CoderDojo’s community platform. It allows people to get involved, with the CoderDojo movement, find Dojos, chat to other members and keep themselves informed about their local Dojo. For my Final Year Project, I Implemented Zen’s new development environment and implemented a scalable and modular setup for each mircoservice.


Techweek  - A custom static site generator that uses JSON and Markdown to generate talk pages for a conference. It uses SCSS and Handlebars.js for styling.


Redbrick  - A Statically generated website written using the Hexo site generator using plain JavaScript and Stylus. An API is provided by a Node.js server that parses the Markdown and YAML to generate content.


An IRC game bot framework written in Node.js. It Includes game engines for Cards Against Humanity, Countdown, and UNO. The framework supports plugins for extra modules as required.


A GitHub CLI interface written in Go. Allows developers quick and easy access to GitHub issues and pull requests for the project they are working from the command line.