Mug Shot Cian Butler

AWS , GCP , C , Docker , Go , Java , JavaScript , Kotlin , Kubernetes , Linux , Node , PostgreSQL , Puppet , Python , Rust , SCSS , TypeScript

"I’m an open source developer. I’m familiar with distributed systems, and using micro services to build web platforms and event processing pipelines."


Senior SRE@Evervault  Dec 12, 2022 - present


SRE@Demonware  May 5, 2019 - Nov 11, 2022

Docker , Prometheus , Graphite , Kubernetes , Puppet , Ansible , Terrafrom , Python , MySQL , Cassandra , Typescript , ElasticSearch , Clickhouse , Kafka , Go

  • Built and maintained a monitoring and alerting pipeline designed to replace the role of the NOC team.
  • Support scaling of the data pipeline for ingesting and processing realtime telemetry for Millions of user in Call of Duty.
  • Mainted Metrics and Logging pipelines ingesting Billions of datapoints a second.
  • Maintained and evolved custom metrics, logging and tracing integrations for use in all Python Service in demonware.

SRE@CoderDojo Foundation  Jun 6, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018

AWS , Docker , Graphite , Kubernetes , Linux , Node.js , PostgreSQL , Python

I worked on migrating CoderDojo’s Zen platform from single AWS instances that were difficult to scale to a Kubernetes cluster, allowing an independent scaling for each microservice as well as the ability to scale the cluster as needed. This also simplifies Zen’s setup and deployment. After migrating to Kubernetes I began upgrading the deployment pipeline as well as the Node version and dependencies for all the microservices. I was also responsible for monitoring all the infrastructure using NewRelic and Graphite.

Programming Tutor@DCU  Sep 9, 2016 - Apr 4, 2017

CSS , HTML , JavaScript , Python

I was a DCU lab tutor for the year. I helped students with lab problems and made sure they understood how their program worked. I had to be able to explain different issues and help students understand how best to write in their respective language.

Technical Intern@CoderDojo Foundation  Apr 4, 2016 - Oct 10, 2016

AWS , Angular.js , Docker , Linux , NGINX , Node.js , PostgreSQL

In CoderDojo I worked on their Zen platform. This involved designing new features, working on both the Angular front-end and Node.js backend. I was also responsible for the deployment pipeline and maintaining the AWS instance for Zen and the forums.

Webmaster@Redbrick  Apr 4, 2016 - Apr 4, 2017

Apache , BSD , Bash , CSS , Docker , ELK , JavaScript , LDAP , Linux , Node , Prometheus , Python

At Redbrick I was part of a team of three. I was in charge of maintaining all web-related service. This meant maintaining uptime on servers, managing and upgrading user web services including user web-spaces and user facing services such as Wikis, Gitea, Mastodon and more, as well as designing and maintaining Redbrick’s site.


Computer Applications and Software Engineering@Dublin City University  Sep 9, 2013 - Oct 10, 2018

C++ , Java , JavaCC , Prolog , Haskell , Bash , MySQL , R , HTML , CSS , MIPS , Assembly

DCU has given me experience with crypto & secure programming. I became familiar with programming in many languages and for different platforms. A large number of topics were covered including search technologies, distributed and thread programming, compilers, cryptography, database design and network design and implementation. I gained experience using UML, Scrum and agile as well as becoming familiar with source control through group projects.

Open source projects